Students and communities fix School issues after years of failure by the Government

Pashtoon Nahzatyar, Integrity Watch Afghanistan

In April 2019, the Integrity Committee, a platform of a dozen of volunteer students and teachers organized by Integrity Watch in Oryakhel High School reached out to the Hope Foundation and started to fix some of the basic problems in the school. The Hope Foundation purchased a water storage tank, a water pump, and a 140-meter water pipe to help provide a water supply. The Committee also reached out to the communities in the school neighborhood to donate old school books which were distributed to the students. Furthermore, the Committee collected donations out of which three classrooms were painted and one classroom got curtains to prevent sunshine. In addition, sockets and switchboards for some classrooms were fitted.

Oryakhel High School in Paghman District is adjacent to Kabul City. The school has 1200 students and was established in March 2006. In spite of its being a few kilometers from the Ministry of Education, the school lacks all the basic necessities of an educational center. It faces several issues including a lack of female teachers, a shortage of student books, classrooms with basic facilities as well as a lack of water supply and adequate space for sports. The Integrity Committee of the school mobilized resources on its own to address some of the mentioned problems. The Committee also includes a dozen female students who have started to work on green space for the school.