Local clinic gets medicine after demands by community

Paghman Health Center did not have enough medicines in the first three months of the year but the local NGO contracted to manage the health center provided the needed medicines recently after local community and Integrity Watch staff made several follow-ups. The local community met with the representative of the NGO in the presence of Head of Health Center, and Integrity Watch staff including its Executive Director. The representative of the NGO said that the delay in supplying the medicines was due to delays in contracting by the donors and the government. He promised to deliver all necessary medicines to the health center in a timely manner in the future. There are still issues with medicines such as quality and quantity. The Head of Health Center, Mr. Shafiullah Fazli said that the government should procure generic medicines instead of procuring low-quality medicines produced by not-so-well-known companies. He added that “this way the government could save money, supply better quality medicines, and prevent stealing and illegal selling of the medicine in the market.”

After demands by the society and the success of Community-Based Monitoring programs, Integrity Watch started monitoring of public health delivery in Kabul with the aim of expanding the program into the provinces. According to the program launched last month, eight volunteers trained y Integrity Watch will monitor the service delivery in six public healthcare centers.