Lack of O&M budget cause low quality of education despite community contribution

Said Hasan Agha Husaini

The Integrity Committee in Ferdawsi High School within a short period of time from setting themselves up was able to collect donations from students and teachers in this school and repair the broken chairs and desks. The Club was also able to renovate two classrooms. The Integrity Committee’s priority this summer was to purchase ceiling fans for the classrooms.

Students in Ferdawsi High School, have great ambitions, like many other schools covered by Community-Based Monitoring of Schools (CBM-S) program of Integrity watch, to improve their school but available resources do not match the needs. On August 27, 2019 Integrity Watch Executive Director, Sayed Ikram Afzali, met with the Dr. Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi, Minister of Education to discuss the O&M budget for schools. Minister Balkhi promised to do joint advocacy with Integrity Watch to include O&M budget for schools in the National Budget in the coming years.

Integrity Watch Afghanistan works with the stakeholders in the education sector including the Ministry of Education to allocate minimum operation and maintenance resources for the schools. Integrity Watch facilitates creation and development of the Integrity Committees to help find solutions to the school’s problems. The Integrity Committee of Ferdawsi High School is one of 30 such Integrity Committees which have been organized by Integrity Watch in Balkh province. The Committees try to resolve the problems through resources available at school and their communities.