The schoolyard of Mawlavi Jalaludin Shahid’s School will soon be constructed

9 Sep 2015
The schoolyard of Mawlavi Jalaludin Shahid’s School will soon be constructed

The first meeting of Mawlavi Jalaludin Shahid’s School Council was held in August with the participation of the District Development Council (DDC) head, the School council and local elders, at the school principals’ office . The major problems of the school have been pointed out and a plan for addressing there has been developed during that meeting.
The head of the DDC, a number of school council members, a number of local elders and a number of local volunteers of Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) also met with the head of the education department of Kapisa. In this meeting the challenges of the school, especially the construction of the schoolyard wall, was taken seriously.
The Director of the education department invited a Brac NGO representative to the meeting and delivered the message concerning what the local community and the council wanted. The NGO representative respected the proposal of the people and the director of the education department and promised to construct the schoolyard wall and will inform the council once construction has commenced.
Serious efforts are being made to build new school councils and to encourage local participation in these councils in order to identify and address the challenges arising from the monitoring by IWAs team in Kapisa province. This program covers 30 schools in the districts of Mahmood Raqi, Kohistan -1 and Kohistan – 2. Since starting the program with baseline surveys, social mobilization, selection of local volunteers and detailed training has been conducted.