Community monitoring prevents use of low quality materials in Shahrak Mojahiddin Clinic

9 Sep 2015
Community monitoring prevents use of low quality materials in Shahrak Mojahiddin Clinic

Construction company of a clinic in Shahrak Mujahidin, district 12th of Herat city used low quality of stone, bricks and gavel in the project foundation and boundary wall. The problems were identified by local volunteer monitor and were shared with the engineer of the implementing company in the presence of community members. The engineer of Implementing company was convinced by people to not use low quality material on the project. Low quality stones, bricks and gravel were changed to the good quality materials after which the implementer started using good quality material.
When the local monitors realized that they identified problems in the implementation of the project and they could change low quality material, they shared this success story with their community members. This resulted that more community members showed keen interest to voluntarily for monitoring projects in their community
As Shahrak Mojahiddin is 8 KM far from city and people of the area are suffering from lack of proper access to health care centers, the community members of the area with the elders of community decided to donate 1200 square meter land which currently cost 90,000 US dollar for construction of a clinic. Red Crescent Society funded 102,640 US dollar for the construction of the clinic.
Integrity Watch Afghanistan via its local monitors from local area are regularly monitoring from construction process of Shahrak Mujahidin clinic project to prevent corruption in construction process of this project saving public money.
Integrity Watch’s Community Based Monitoring of Infrastructure (CBMI) program promotes social accountability through community mobilization and social audits. The program empowers communities to monitor infrastructure projects that are implemented in their area.