Community donates private land to build a school in Parwan

5 Jun 2018
Community donates private land to build a school in Parwan

Abdul Hanan Rahnaward – Provincial Coordinator, Parwan

Zareeba Girls High School has a new building, thanks to school volunteers, local people, government and the international community. The girl students used to study in open air facing the heat and cold as well as the conservative norms that prevent women from learning under such environment

Integrity Watch’s trained community volunteer came across the issue inadequate classrooms in the school when Community-Based Monitoring of Schools program was introduced in the Jabal-e-Seral District three years ago. As a temporary solution, some classes were housed at a nearby boys’ school which prevented many girls from going to schools due to restrictions from their families.

After advocacy efforts by School Management Shura (SMS), integrity volunteers and residents, two people from the area donated their private land to the girls’ school. Now that the school had a land, the volunteers advocated for the other half of the work—constructing a building for the school. The local head of education department welcomed community donation and worked with the ministry and built the school building through Korean government funds.

With the newly built schools for $110,000, female students enjoy studying without having to bear the heat of the sun, the wind, and rain. According to a new research report published by Integrity Watch, 41% or 4 in 10 schools did not have adequate classrooms and almost 1 in 2 schools lack standard classrooms. The example of Zareeba Girls School is an evidence of community engagement that can help solve schools problems through mobilizing local resources.